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Re: BMP's for Road Builders


Have you tried the Local Government Environmental Assistance Network (LGEAN) at www.lgean.org? They've helped find some sample ordinances for me in the past on other topics.

A coworker of mine suggested you check out the EPA site www.epa.gov/owow/nps/ordinance for some sample ordinances. Another potential resource is from the Southeast Michigan Council of Governments (www.semcog.org). They have a publication called "Land Use Tools and Techniques: A Handbook for Local Communties", but she wasn't sure if sample ordinances were included in that publication.

Our Surface Water Quality Division has a large BMP manual regarding construction sites that includes some information. It is not available online, but if you send your mailing address, I can have a copy mailed to you.

Hope those help

Judy Schaefer

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>>> "Lynda Rankin" <RANKINLX@gov.ns.ca> 10/11 1:11 PM >>>
Hi all: 

I'm looking for a couple of examples of codes of practice for road construction and culvert installation.  Does anyone know of any I could take a look at ?   I ran a couple of internet searches but came up dry.

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide, 

Lynda Rankin
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