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re EMS data collection and a related question

In going through the protocols and initial reports by the multi-state
working group on EMS I found no mention of worker exposures/worker health
and safety.  Occupational health and safety concerns (including costs of
OSHA compliance) should be one factor motivating comprehensive and
systematic approaches to environmental management (particularly adoption of
p2).  It is also important to consider worker exposures up front to make
sure that chemical substitutes or process changes shift risks to workers.
Failing to address these issues would seem to perpetuate the existing schism
between occupational and environmental health.  Among its other merits, the
analytic framework used by New Mexico's Green Zhia program incorporates
worker safety
and health.

I would be very interested if any list-serve subcribers would be willing to
share their successes or frustrations with using pollution prevention to
address worker health and safety.  I'm particularly interested in any
programs in which hourly workers participate in programs designed to look at
ways of reducing their own exposures as well as addressing the facility's
general environmental goals.

                            Michele Ochsner

Michele Ochsner, Ph.D.
Assistant Director
Occupational Training and Education Consortium
Rutgers University
50 Labor Center Way
New Brunswick, NJ 08901-8553