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Re: FW: information

BHP New Zealand Steel has put a lot of effort into useful products for slag 
such as (I think) fertiliser, ground conditioner and road sealant extender. If 
you approach them it could be a good starting point.


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> Does anyone have any information you could offer to Mr. Giraldi?
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> > Dear Mr. (Mrs.):
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> > Apologizing to distract it of their activities, I go to you with the 
> reason of requesting him I can offer information, I am carrying out my
> master thesis in environmental engineering in the Autonomous National
> University of Mexico (UNAM) on the handling of the slags coming from the
> iron and steel industry, for that which I am investigating on the possible
> uses that it is can have after being discarded, and this way to be taken
> advantage of in another process as matter prevails, for the inquiries that
> I have made until the moment that their main one reuses is mainly in the
> industry of the construction as preservative in cements, it is so I go to
> you to have if they can provide me information in this respect, thanking
> their kind attention to the present, I say goodbye sending them a cordial
> greeting, I am to their you order. > > Sincerely, > Mario Giraldi > >
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