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RE: re EMS data collection and a related question (worker exposur eand p2)

In a recent P2TECH post, Michele Ochsner [mochsner@rci.rutgers.edu] asked,
in part:

> I would be very interested if any list-serve subcribers would be willing
> share their successes or frustrations with using pollution prevention to
> address worker health and safety. 

Michele --

I suspect this is not news to you, but for the benefit of those who are not 
familiar with his work, Nicholas Ashford of MIT has done quite a bit of 
work examining the relationship between P2 and worker exposure/safety, which
raises some 
of the same issues you ask about in your original post.  Probably this is a
very productive place to 
begin research on this topic.

A publication list for Prof. Ashford's Technology and Law group is available

Hope this helps.
Scott Butner (butner@battelle.org) 
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