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ems..a few more thoughts

Dear P2er's
Just a quick note on the discussions of ISO-14000 vs. environmental
Baldrige model. I do agree that ISO-14000 is not the best way to go,
that is why you hear so much about ISO plus. However right now it is all
that we have. What I mean is that it is the only
nationally/internationally recognized standard on EMS. The reality of
this is that until some nationally recognized body sets up an
"Environmental Baldrige" we will have to keep using ISO. In NC the
largest hog producer and that state just reached a very comprehensive
agreement that includes having their farms ISO certified. Now the
lawyers realized that there are large holes in ISO but it is the only
recognized program that they could use in the agreement.  So, lets work
with the Baldrige folks and EPA to develop an Env. Baldrige that we can
all use.

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