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Material Exchange vs. Recycled Product Advertising

I have two questions concerning a web-based project of our P2 program.  
The Montana Material Exchange (MME) http://www.montana.edu/wwwated/mme.shtml
is a feature of the Montana Pollution Prevention (MT P2) Program
<http://www.montana.edu/~wwwated>. Coordinated with the Montana Chamber of
Commerce, the purpose of the Montana Material Exchange is to encourage
recovery and reuse of unneeded materials.  
The Montana Material Exchange (MME) provides a mechanism for reusing or
recycling unwanted, but usable, materials. The MME maintains and distributes
listings of materials available and materials wanted from individuals and
local and international companies. Through the exchange process, one party's
"waste" can become another party's "treasure." Any material that is
available from one party and potentially wanted by another can be listed on
the MME. It is an information clearinghouse for available leftover
materials, by-products, and unused products.
1)  We find that many, if not a majority, of the submissions we get for the
MME are from companies that are looking to advertise recycled products that
they manufacture, rather than seeking to find users for waste stream
components that they would otherwise have to dispose of. 
For example:  a Portland, Oregon company that sells "100% recycled latex
paint" / a Boston Company that sells cold patch pot-hole filler made from
ground "computer plastics, emulsion and standard aggregates" / a Toronto
company that sells "super absorbent polymer reclaimed from the diaper
industry (grafted sodium polyacrylate in granular form)"
While many of these sound like great products that we would love to help
create a market for, doing so neither falls within the mission of the MME
project, nor do we have the resources to provide such a free advertising
Does anyone out there know of any websites we can refer these folks to that
provide a clearinghouse for recycled and environmentally friendly products?
2)  Does anyone out there have any experience trying to provide a service
similar to our MME?  If so, what has your experience been?  Do you have any
tips for marketing a website like MME to achieve a "critical mass" of users?
Ted Lange
Pollution Prevention Program
Montana State University Extension Service
P.O. Box 173580
Bozeman, MT 59717-3580
406-994-6813 (phone) / 5413 (fax)