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RE: Material Exchange vs. Recycled Product Advertising

I would refer them to the Recycling Data Management Corp. at http://www.recyclingdata.com/ and suggest they request to be added to that organization's Recycled Products Guide.  The can also contact RDMC by phone at 1-800-267-0707.


Mark Snyder
Pollution Prevention Specialist
Minnesota Office of Environmental Assistance

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> Sent: 	Tuesday, October 17, 2000 11:14 AM
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> Subject: 	Material Exchange vs. Recycled Product Advertising
> I have two questions concerning a web-based project of our P2 program.  
> The Montana Material Exchange (MME) http://www.montana.edu/wwwated/mme.shtml
> is a feature of the Montana Pollution Prevention (MT P2) Program
> <http://www.montana.edu/~wwwated>. Coordinated with the Montana Chamber of
> Commerce, the purpose of the Montana Material Exchange is to encourage
> recovery and reuse of unneeded materials.  
> The Montana Material Exchange (MME) provides a mechanism for reusing or
> recycling unwanted, but usable, materials. The MME maintains and distributes
> listings of materials available and materials wanted from individuals and
> local and international companies. Through the exchange process, one party's
> "waste" can become another party's "treasure." Any material that is
> available from one party and potentially wanted by another can be listed on
> the MME. It is an information clearinghouse for available leftover
> materials, by-products, and unused products.
> 1)  We find that many, if not a majority, of the submissions we get for the
> MME are from companies that are looking to advertise recycled products that
> they manufacture, rather than seeking to find users for waste stream
> components that they would otherwise have to dispose of. 
> For example:  a Portland, Oregon company that sells "100% recycled latex
> paint" / a Boston Company that sells cold patch pot-hole filler made from
> ground "computer plastics, emulsion and standard aggregates" / a Toronto
> company that sells "super absorbent polymer reclaimed from the diaper
> industry (grafted sodium polyacrylate in granular form)"
> While many of these sound like great products that we would love to help
> create a market for, doing so neither falls within the mission of the MME
> project, nor do we have the resources to provide such a free advertising
> service. 
> Does anyone out there know of any websites we can refer these folks to that
> provide a clearinghouse for recycled and environmentally friendly products?
> 2)  Does anyone out there have any experience trying to provide a service
> similar to our MME?  If so, what has your experience been?  Do you have any
> tips for marketing a website like MME to achieve a "critical mass" of users?
> Thanks,
> Ted Lange
> Pollution Prevention Program
> Montana State University Extension Service
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> Bozeman, MT 59717-3580
> 406-994-6813 (phone) / 5413 (fax)
> lange@montana.edu
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