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Re: Spray Booths

An Open face cross draft booth with other emission reducing efforts
would meet his needs and cost barriers.

This link to our vendor database
Category: Paint & Powder Coating Equipment
Subcategory: Paint Booth Manufacturers

should help provide options.

We also have the Laser Touch device to reduce emissions and improve
finish quality.
See http://www.iwrc.org/programs_frame.html  select Laser Touch

Incidently for your Technical College - The Spray Technique Analysis and
Research (STAR) training program is available to transfer to your
college which implements the whole program of the Laser Touch device
along with the techniques to reduce emission, improve finish quality and
health aspect of the work environment.  The program is transferrable to
auto body programs in each state.  See
http://www.iwrc.org/programs_frame.html select STAR

Our hope is that STAR training facilities will then provide workshops to
industry operators such as wood finishers, metal manufacturers, and
anyone with a coatings operation.

Call us if you have questions 1-800-422-3109,
Sue Sommerfelt
Waste Reduction Specialist
Iowa Waste Reduction Center