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RE: Waste Reduction plans for steel mills?

Try the EPA Sector Notebooks. There are four that may help; Iron and Steel
Industry, Metal Castings Industry, Metal Fabricating Industry, and Metal
Mining Industry. You can find the Sector Notebooks at Enviro$en$e at

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From: Steve K. Seale [mailto:sseale@hiwaay.net]
Sent: Tuesday, October 24, 2000 1:58 AM
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Subject: Waste Reduction plans for steel mills?


Can anyone suggest a source that might have a generic waste minimization or
waste reduction plan for a steel mill/fabricator  (they use electric arc
furnaces to melt steel, then fabricate steel joists and decking, then paint
same)?  I have checked www.p2pays.org and found a few articles, but not
exactly what I'm looking for.  Also tried to use the EPA's web search
function, but it doesn't seem to be  working.  Sources that cite specific
WM/WR plans for a given steel mill/fabricator would probably be good also,
because I could likely construct a generic plan from one of those.

Thanks for any help,
Steve Seale