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Re: (Fwd) Radium and Thorium Levels


If you haven't altready considered this resource, The Water Environment Federation (WEF) website (www.wef.org) may have some information availlable.

Search their publications library, documents include:

"WEF and AMSA Develop Radioactivity Guidance, April 1999"

"Phased Approach for Determining the Presence of Radionuclides in Municipal Wastewater
Treatment Plant Resdiduals, 2000 (conference paper)"

and some others.


The Nuclear Regulatory Commission and and U.S. EPA issued a report,
"Joint NRC/EPA Seage Sludge Radiological Survey:  Survey Design and Test Results" 
EPA 832-R-99-900 Rev. August 1999

I hope this helps some,


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>>> <sdavis@oznet.ksu.edu> 10/27/00 05:22PM >>>

Dear P2tech:

Does anyone have experience related to data collection of radiation
levels (Radium and Thorium specifically) at a wastewater treatment
plant. Wastewater and biosolids.  I am looking for specific levels if
available, naturally occurring background levels, etc...

thanks in advance

sherry davis

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