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Job Posting

We have a great opportunity for someone with P2 experience  who would like to work
 directly with industry and develop a regional P2 program for Houston and Dallas.  I am
 attaching the job descriptions, please visit the TNRCC website at for the job posting:



Job Description:  
Provides highly complex  technical or engineering work at a  professional level in the Pollution Prevention and Industry Assistance Section of the Small Business and Environmental Assistance Division.  Consults with industry representatives to provide technical  assistance and on site visits to assist  businesses in reducing pollution and
 maintaining compliance with pollution prevention requirements.  Reviews data for 
 adherence to specified requirements in applicable laws and regulations.  Reviews
 collected data, maintains appropriate files, prepares reports, and makes recommendations as required.  Develops and coordinates program activities and partnerships with local entities to provide pollution prevention assistance to businesses.  Prepares technical publications related to industrial pollution prevention. Reviews pollution prevention plans for
adherence to specified requirements under the Waste Reduction Policy Act (WRPA). Assists facilities in bringing plans into compliance with WRPA.  Responds to requests for information and provides assistance to program staff, management, the regulated community, legislative contacts, and the general public regarding Pollution Prevention and Industry Assistance issues.  

If you have any questions please feel free to contact 

Thomas Vinson
 Texas Natural Resource Conservation
 PO Box 13087 MC-112
 Austin, TX 78711-3087