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Re: How much $ do firms borrow for P2?

In addition to the previous offerings,  I'm aware of a another subset of
medium/small companies who are not likely to take on P2 debt.  As part of EPA's
metal finishing Common Sense Initiative project, a very proactive innovative
metal finishing company owner participating in the project spent his own time
traveling to several cities for two years trying to drum up interest by metal
finishers to implement more P2 technology.  He came back surprised and
disappointed at the amount of inertia there was in small companies around doing
things the old way.   There are possibly many small company owners that are okay
with making payroll, making a good living, and meeting basic compliance
requirements to stay in business.  For them, growing the company = getting more
customers + getting bigger contracts--i.e., expanding without necessarily
changing the way they produce things--expansion without innovation may be okay
with them.   I don't know how many companies like this are out there, but the #
would probably surprise us.