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RE: Pollution Prevention

	Good Morning:

	  I am with the Contra Costa Regional Permit Assistance Center which
is a division of the California Environmental Protection Agency. The
California permit assistance centers is in the process of compiling a
library of pollution prevention references that may assist businesses and
help them save money. As you know pollution prevention is the use of
materials, processes and practices that reduce or eliminate the creation of
pollutants or waste at the source. It includes practices that reduce the use
of hazardous materials, energy, water, or other resources and practices that
protect natural resources through conservation or more efficient use.
Opportunities may exist for businesses to save a significant amount of money
and protect the environment through pollution prevention. If you have any
information, references, publications, data, etc. for the following business
types it would be much appreciated:
-Aircraft and Engine Parts Manufacturing
-Coffee and Tea Manufacturing
-Fluid Milk Manufacturing
-Glass and Glazing Contractors
-Irradiation Apparatus Manufacturing
-Local Trucking w/Storage
-Manufacturing Bags: Plastics, Foil, and Coated
-Metal Cans and Shipping Manufacturing
-Nursing and Residential Care Facilities
-Semiconductors and Related Devices Manufacturing

You can e-mail me at clombard@pac.calepa.ca.gov. I am looking forward to
hearing from you.

				Thank you,
				Christina Lombardi