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RE: heavy metals in cemet kilns

Hans Schniter,
Can I assume you are from Austria? On our web site, found under my name, is
a database called P2Infohouse. A search for cement kiln found 8 articles
that may be of interest to you. Three of them you can read or download. I
can mail any of the other five to you.

Rudy Moehrbach
Waste Reduction Resource Center
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From: Hans Schnitzer [mailto:schnitzer@glvt.tu-graz.ac.at]
Sent: Tuesday, November 07, 2000 11:37 AM
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Subject: heavy metals in cemet kilns

Dear p2-techers,
Has anyone amongst you expierience in balancing of heavy metals in the
cement production especially in connexion with combustion of waste?

Hans Schnitzer