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Fwd: Re: How much $ do firms borrow for P2?

Warren makes some very good points with his comments below.

BOB Pojasek

>I've made recommendations to firms that took no capital dollars to
>implement. They only required procedural changes which enabled the firm
>begin to realize savings-and increased profits-almost immediately. Using
>this approach, a firm can become more cost competitive by doing P2 and
>other cost saving projects and use the savings to finance expansion
>projects to grow sales-or to be a better credit risk so the banker will
>lend him $$$. (The banker should be paying us to help his clients so they
>don't default on their business expansion loans!)

> Doing a
>compliance audit for a firm will invariably uncover plenty of P2 /
>sustainable business / clean manufacturing opportunities. Some will require
>the large level of investment Burt discovered and others (the large
>majority) can be done for little or no investment.


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