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US Department of Energy P2 Awards Program Call for Nominations

Hello, P2 Tech members.

Once again I am supporting the US Department of Energy (DOE) in its annual 
Pollution Prevention Awards Program. We are soliciting nominations for any P2 
work done for, by, or in association with any DOE organization, site, or 

I am providing below our Call for Nominations announcement. Please feel free 
to forward it to anyone you think might have done P2, recycling, 
environmentally preferable purchasing, or other good environmental work with 
DOE in 2000 (though energy efficiency work is recognized in a different 
awards program).

You may visit the DOE sponsor's web site at 
http://twilight.saic.com/Wastemin. The award submission site is listed below. 
Please note that a password is required to submit nominations. I would be 
glad to provide the password on an individual basis (since the site is not 
intended for nominations by the public or for work not related to DOE).

I apologize for any cross postings. Please contact me with questions.

Mark Boylan
General Manager
22 Executive Park Court
Germantown  MD 20874
(w) 301/540-0022
(f) 301/540-0088


The US Department of Energy (DOE) is pleased to announce the call for 
nominations for the 2001 DOE Pollution Prevention (P2) Awards Program. All 
DOE employees and contractors at Headquarters and in the field are invited to 
participate. Work may be nominated in any of twelve categories and must be 
related in some manner to DOE operations. The DOE program is also the only 
way for DOE employees and contractors to enter the White House Closing the 
Circle environmental awards program.

The program is all electronic this year. Nominations must be posted to the 
web site by December 4, 2000, to be considered. Nomination guidance and an 
electronic nomination form are available immediately.  The web address is for 
the awards program is:


Please feel free to forward this note to anyone who you may feel 
may be interested in submitting nominations, though the site is not 
intended for general public access.

Questions may be directed to DOE program manager John Lum at 301/903-1384.