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Fw: Energy-Saving Technologies for Industry

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Sent: Wednesday, November 08, 2000 2:50 PM
Subject: FW: Energy-Saving Technologies for Industry

> Here's some industrial news that I thought you might be interested in.
> FYI,
> Curt
> Curt Nichols
> City of Portland
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> Report Examines Energy-Saving Technologies for Industry
> The American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy
> (ACEEE) released a new report last week that examines
> new technologies for saving energy in industry. The report
> provides an overview of 54 technologies that cover a wide
> range of industries. See the ACEEE press release, with a
> link to the summary of the report, at:
> <http://www.aceee.org/press/emrgtech.htm>.
> In related news, the National Equipment Manufacturers
> Association (NEMA) announced last month a new Premium
> Motor program that will set a voluntary efficiency standard
> for the electric motor industry. NEMA estimates that the new
> standard could save 58,000 megawatts of electricity,
> preventing the release of nearly 80 metric tons of carbon in
> to the atmosphere over the next ten years. See the NEMA
> press release at:
> <http://nema.org/publications/ei/oct00/premiummotor.htm>.
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