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Re: yet another "greening business" manual!!

This is a role that a sector-oriented center can and should play.  For 
example, within the Printers' National Environmental Assistance Center 
(PNEAC), we take seriously the role of keeping apprised of the latest P2 
and compliance-oriented publications (fact sheets, guidebooks, reports, 
etc) that relate to printing, and enabling easy access (posting on our site 
or linking) to these best of class documents.  We think we provide much 
more value by being selective rather than comprehensive (i.e., including 
every fact sheet developed on a certain topic).  Others are welcomed and 
encouraged to use/adapt this quality-controlled material for local 
applications, with proper attribution.  This allows local/state/regional 
centers to focus on what they do best while having reliable materials to 
draw from.

At 04:16 PM 11/7/2000 -0800, Burt Hamner wrote:
>A small enviro group I know has just proudly announced its new "How to Be a
>Green Business" manual, produced by enthusiastic young people after spending
>lots of time and money.  It is hardly any different from a dozen other such
>guides I have seen.  Well I am going to get cranky here and pose a challenge
>to the pollution prevention community.  There are now hundreds if not
>thousands of guides already available for free via the net on how to green
>up a business and do P2.  The same with fact sheets.  I realize that it is
>impossible to get the word out to every single well-meaning group that IT
>HAS BEEN DONE ALREADY FOLKS, but the waste of time and resources that is
>being spent to produce pale imitations of great products already available
>for free is really rather appalling.
>I think the P2 community could do everyone a great public service and hold a
>contest to nominate the Best in Class for publications on Small Business P2,
>EMS, Cost Analysis, Life Cycle Analysis, How to Use the Internet, etc.  It's
>Benchmarking Time for P2 publications, I think.  The benefits of such a
>project are multiple, from getting lots of free PR by holding prominent
>awards, to learning among ourselves what a great publication really looks
>like, to helping others avoid reinventing the wheel and then making it oval.
>It would be easy to make a website where people could post e-copies of their
>fav publications then have votes on them, commentary, debate about
>evaluation criteria, etc.  Sort of an amazon.com for P2.
>Maybe someone is already doing this?  I hope so.  It was really painful to
>see these nice people here get all pumped about their new publication, and
>then to find it a pale imitation of several much better pubs I keep on my
>hard disk.  And of course, they had never heard of said pubs...  Anybody
>interested in a national P2 publication benchmarking project?
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