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Re: yet another "greening business" manual!!

I agree that sector-specific programs should be keepers of the best docs in
their sector.  Rick Yoder and co at P2RX are doing this with their topic
sector hubs - see lithography example at


But who will do same for the "skills and tools" stuff, like basic P2 guides,
cost accting, LCA, DfE, etc?  That is what I am most interested in.


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Subject: Re: yet another "greening business" manual!!

> This is a role that a sector-oriented center can and should play.  For
> example, within the Printers' National Environmental Assistance Center
> (PNEAC), we take seriously the role of keeping apprised of the latest P2
> and compliance-oriented publications (fact sheets, guidebooks, reports,
> etc) that relate to printing, and enabling easy access (posting on our
> or linking) to these best of class documents.  We think we provide much
> more value by being selective rather than comprehensive (i.e., including
> every fact sheet developed on a certain topic).  Others are welcomed and
> encouraged to use/adapt this quality-controlled material for local
> applications, with proper attribution.  This allows local/state/regional
> centers to focus on what they do best while having reliable materials to
> draw from.
> -Wayne
> At 04:16 PM 11/7/2000 -0800, Burt Hamner wrote:
> >A small enviro group I know has just proudly announced its new "How to Be
> >Green Business" manual, produced by enthusiastic young people after
> >lots of time and money.  It is hardly any different from a dozen other
> >guides I have seen.  Well I am going to get cranky here and pose a
> >to the pollution prevention community.  There are now hundreds if not
> >thousands of guides already available for free via the net on how to
> >up a business and do P2.  The same with fact sheets.  I realize that it
> >impossible to get the word out to every single well-meaning group that IT
> >HAS BEEN DONE ALREADY FOLKS, but the waste of time and resources that is
> >being spent to produce pale imitations of great products already
> >for free is really rather appalling.
> >
> >I think the P2 community could do everyone a great public service and
hold a
> >contest to nominate the Best in Class for publications on Small Business
> >EMS, Cost Analysis, Life Cycle Analysis, How to Use the Internet, etc.
> >Benchmarking Time for P2 publications, I think.  The benefits of such a
> >project are multiple, from getting lots of free PR by holding prominent
> >awards, to learning among ourselves what a great publication really looks
> >like, to helping others avoid reinventing the wheel and then making it
> >
> >It would be easy to make a website where people could post e-copies of
> >fav publications then have votes on them, commentary, debate about
> >evaluation criteria, etc.  Sort of an amazon.com for P2.
> >
> >Maybe someone is already doing this?  I hope so.  It was really painful
> >see these nice people here get all pumped about their new publication,
> >then to find it a pale imitation of several much better pubs I keep on my
> >hard disk.  And of course, they had never heard of said pubs...  Anybody
> >interested in a national P2 publication benchmarking project?
> >
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