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Fwd: AW: Re: How much $ do firms borrow for P2?

Kai Hockerts may want to know that a group named WORKING CAPITAL makes P2
loans to microbusinesses in the USA for the "Nothing to Waste" program
started by the US EPA Environmental Justice Program.  It is based on the
Graeem model.  The Nothing to Waste manual is on the Internet at
<http:www.Pojasek-Associates.com> REPRINTS - Incorporating P2 into Small
Businesses.  I understand that the State of New Mexico is translating this
Environmental Justice publication into Spanish.

Bob Pojasek

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 >In response to Burt's original mail I would suggest that smaller
 >loans may be unattractive because the handling costs are too high
 >to make small loans worthwhile. This brings to my mind the Graeem
 >bank concepts of microloans. Could that concept be transfered to
 >P2 loans? One might, for example, leave the decision about small
 >loans to local environmental groups with not much strings attached.
 >Decision would be quick and unbureaucratic. Because the pressure
 >groups will monitore closely the projects this might still avoid
 >cheating. Have there perhaps already been experiences with this?


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