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Re: Cattle Hair

  [Note:  If anyone can help Jennifer, please be sure to e-mail her 
directly, as she is not a member of the list.]

We own a cattle grroming business here in Chowchilla, California and we are
having a terrible time getting rid of the cattle tail hair that we clip from
dairy cattle in the Central Valley on a daily basis. The tails are anywhere
from one to two feet long and we clip one thousand or more a day which adds
up to thousands per week. We have been throwing them away since we haven't
been able to find a use for them but I ran accross your site on the internet
and thought maybe you could help. We have heard that cattle hair can have
various uses such as stuffing for tractor seats and apholstry and as a
nutrient for soil such as what was said in your article on vegetable
tanneries' use of cattle hair. If you have any ideas at all as to who we can
contact to get rid of this hair rather than throwing it away it would be
much appreciated. you can e-mail me, Jennifer at
www.jenniferb@hrconnectca.com or call Mario at Udderly Clean (559)665-5385.