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Microscale Chemistry in hospital lab setting

Tuesday, Nov. 14, 2000


We are interested in applying the microscale chemistry methods
in hospital laboratory settings. We would welcome:
-   Any experiences (both positive and negative)
-   Specific information
-   Pilot project information
-   Are there any regulatory issues that we should be aware of?
-   Any specific e-mail list that we should send this question

We have looked at:
-   http://www.silvertech.com/microscale/
    the National Microscale Chemistry Center's Home Page

-   http://www.orgk2.lth.se/MicroScale/MikroSkala.html
    Microscale Chemistry at Lund University, Lund, SWEDEN

-   http://www.Chemistry.mcmaster.ca/~chem2o6/labmanual/micro
    Microscale Laboratory Techniques; McMaster University 

Thank you all. Have a nice day.

Ihab Farag 603-862-2313

Ihab H. Farag, Sc.D., P.E.         * E-Mail: ihab.farag@unh.edu
Chemical Engineering Department    * Phone Off: (603) 862-2313
University of New Hampshire        *      home: (603) 868-5603
33 College Rd (255 Kingsbury Hall) *      Fax : (603) 862-3747
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