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Federal E2 & P2 Funding Opportunities

The Seattle Regional Office of the U.S. Department of Energy has compiled the
following funding opportunity newsletter.  We'd like to thank Washington State
University Energy Programs for distributing these newsletters through their
listserv system.

Please consider and also pass this info on to those contacts in your state,
region, or elsewhere who you think may be interested. Partnering opportunities
may exist.

Full text of many of these announcements can be accessed at the following
internet sites:

Federal Register announcements: http://www.access.gpo.gov/nara/index.html

Commerce Business Daily (CBD) announcements can be queried (under "simple
search") on CBDNet: http://cbdnet.access.gpo.gov/

Complete text of Solicitations (Issue 80) is attached to this message as a Word

1)  FY01 Broad Based Solicitation
The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) announces its intent to issue an RFP for
information dissemination, public outreach, training, and related technical
analysis and technical assistance activities involving renewable energy and
energy efficiency.  $2 - $3 million expected to be available for renewable
energy programs; renewable areas of interest include wind, hydrogen, and
geothermal technologies.  $3 - $4 million expected to be available for energy
efficiency programs; efficiency areas of interest include transportation,
buildings, and industrial sectors.  The RFP is expected to open in mid-November
2000.  Amount of funding, due dates, and pre-application requirements will vary
by program area of interest.  Once issued, the solicitation will be available
at: http://e-center.doe.gov.  For more info, contact Barry Page at
1-800-683-0751 or go to the aforementioned e-center website to review a copy of
the Federal Register announcement.  Refer to Sol# DE- PS01-01EE10781.  (Federal
Register 11/08/00)

2)  SEP Special Projects
The U.S. Department of Energy announces the availability of FY01 Special
Projects funding under the State Energy Program (SEP).  Eligible applicants are
limited to State or Territorial Energy Offices or other lead agencies
responsible for administering the State Energy Program, however, partnerships
are encouraged.  Approx. $15 million expected to be available.  Areas of
interest include energy efficiency and renewable energy projects in the
transportation, buildings, federal, industrial, and power sectors.  Applications
due 2/23/01.  Complete info about this program, including phone numbers for the
State and Territorial SEP offices, is available at:

3)  Metal Casting Industry of the Future
The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) requests proposals for R&D of technologies
which will enhance the economic competitiveness, reduce energy consumption and
reduce environmental impacts of the metal casting industry.  $1 - $1.5 million
available to fund the first year of selected research efforts.  5 - 10 awards
expected, minimum 50% cost share required.  Collaborations between industry,
university, and National Laboratory participants are encouraged. Responses due
3/16/01.  For more info, contact Beth Dahl at (208)526-7214 or go to:
http://www.id.doe.gov/doeid/PSD/proc-div.html.  Refer to Sol# DE-PS07-01ID14003.
(CBD 10/30/00)

4)  Alternative Fueled Vehicles Regulatory Support
The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) on behalf of the U.S. Department
of Energy, seeks organizations that have the capability to assist with
coordination of alternative fueled vehicle regulations.  Possible tasks may
include, but are not limited to, recommendations for enforcement activities for
covered fleets, providing information for resolution of Freedom of Information
requests, and research and recommendations for new regulations based on the
Energy Policy Act.  Lists of qualifications due to NREL 12/12/00.  For more
info, contact Kathee Flanagan Roque at kathee_roque@nrel.gov or go to:
http://www.nrel.gov/contracts.  Refer Sol# DW270.  (CBD 11/14/00)

5)  LNG Vehicle Nozzle & Receptacle
The Natural Gas Vehicle Industry Infrastructure Working Group (NGV-IWG) requests
proposals for the "Preparation of LNG Vehicle Nozzle and Receptacle Test
Program" to prepare a plan for a comprehensive testing program to examine the
current state-of-the-art of liquefied natural gas (LNG) fueling nozzles and
receptacles.  The NGV-IWG is an industry/government research, development, and
demonstration program, whereby high-priority NGV infrastructure projects are
funded jointly by the U.S. Department of Energy, the Gas Research Institute
(GRI), and other industry and government partners.  Responses due 11/23/00.  For
more info, contact Sean Turner at (916) 368-4772, or go to:
http://www.gri.org/iwg.  Refer to Sol# 1038.   (CBD 10/16/00)

6)  Enhanced CNG Fueling Nozzle to Avoid Freeze-Up
The Natural Gas Vehicle Industry Infrastructure Working Group request proposals
entitled "Enhanced CNG Fueling Nozzle to Avoid Freeze-Up" to address concerns
over existing compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicle fueling nozzles freezing onto
CNG vehicle fueling receptacles.  Responses due 12/07/00.  For more info,
contact Sean Turner at (916) 368-4772, or go to: http://www.gri.org/iwg.  Refer
to Sol#1037.  (CBD 10/16/00)

7)  EPA Green Power in Cincinnati
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has issued a Request for Information
to purchase renewable power for existing facilities in Cincinnati, OH.  The
purpose of this RFI is to gather information that will assist the EPA in
preparing a formal RFP which GSA, on behalf of the EPA, plans to issue in 1/01.
The EPA would like to have a green power purchase contract in place in time for
Earth Day 2001.  Responses due 12/15/00.  For more info, contact Lindsey Lee at
(202) 501-2291.  Refer to SOL GS-00P-01-BSD-016.  (CBD 11/8/00)

8)  Climate and Global Change
The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has reissued its 8/25/00
notice inviting applications for research on global climate change in areas
ranging from aerosols to economics and societal interactions.  Funding levels
have not been finalized.  Proposals due 1/26/01.  For more info, contact Irma
duPree (301) 427-2089 ext. 107, or go to the 10/16/00 Federal Register
announcement.  (Federal Grants and Contracts Weekly 10/23/00)

9)  Decision-Making and Valuation
The Environmental Protection Agency and the National Science Foundation invite
applications for research that will contribute to the development of practical,
credible approaches for estimating the benefits and costs of environmental
programs and improving decision-making about environmental issues.  $1.5 million
is available for 10 awards.  Proposals due 12/18/00.  For more info, contact
Robert Menzer, EPA, at (202) 564-8649 or go to:
http://es.epa.gov.ncerqa/rfa/dmvp01.html.  (Federal Grants and Contracts Weekly

10)  Environmental Monitoring for Public Access/Community Tracking
The Environmental Protection Agency seeks applications for pilot projects to
help communities provide sustainable public access to environmental monitoring
data and information.  $4 million available for awards up to $400K.  Responses
due 2/21/00.  For more info, contact Barbara Karn at (202) 564-6820 or go to:
http://es.epa.gov/ncerqa/rfa/empact01.html.  (Federal Grants and Contracts
Weekly 11/6/00)

11)  Real Networks Foundation
The brand new Real Networks Foundation, created by Seattle-based streaming media
company RealNetworks, will consider requests that enable alternative voices or
foster the right of free speech throughout the world, broaden access to
technology among under-served communities throughout the world, and enhance the
quality of life in areas where RealNetworks employees live and work.  The
Foundation wishes to fund proposals within the aforementioned program areas that
include an innovative use of the Internet to achieve project goals.  Grants
request range is approx. $10K - $75K.  Proposals due 2/1 and 8/1.  For more
info, call the Foundation at (206) 892-6644, or go to:
http://www.realgiving.org/.  (RFP Bulletin 10/27/00)

12)  Innovations in Government Awards
The Innovations in American Government Program recognizes creative governmental
initiatives that are especially effective in addressing vital public concerns.
The awards are intended to draw attention to exemplary achievements in
government problem-solving and to amplify the voices of public-sector
innovators.  The program is administered by the John F. Kennedy School of
Government at Harvard University in partnership with the Council for Excellence
in Government, with support from the Ford Foundation.  In 2001, the Ford
Foundation will award $100K to each winner and $20K to each finalist.  Paper
applications due 1/12/01, electronic apps due 1/19/01.  For more info, go to:
http://www.innovations.harvard.edu.  (RFP Bulletin 10/20/00)

13)  Congressional Fellowships for Urban Planning & Community Livability
The American Planning Association will award six-month fellowships to two
graduate or post-graduate students in urban planning or public policy to work
with members of Congress on issues of planning, livability, and smart growth.
One fellow will work with the House Livable Communities Task Force and the
office of Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-OR). The second fellow will work in the Senate
with the Senate Smart Growth Task Force.  Projects will include conducting
policy and legislative research, drafting policy briefs, developing briefings
and resources for congressional staff on planning and livability issues, and
serving as staff liaison to Congressional caucuses and organizations interested
in urban planning and smart growth. The fellowships will run from 1/29/01 to
7/27/01.  Each fellow will receive a stipend of $3K.  Responses due 12/1/00.
For more info, contact Jason Jordan at (202) 872-0611, or go to
http://www.planning.org/govt/fellowship.htm.   (RFP Bulletin:  10/13/00)

(See attached file: Sol80.doc)

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