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RE: SIPs and Green Building


Some states are trying to use state implementation plans to stem the tide 
of development.  I believe Baltimore and Atlanta were going down that road, 
as was Sacramento.  Lawsuits are generally saying that highway projects do 
not conform to the respective SIPs.  The goal of the lawsuits is to halt 
development by shutting down highway projects.

As an aside, when talking about SIPs and green building, be aware that some 
builders may give you a puzzled look as SIPs often mean Stuctural Insulated 

There are about ten local and formal residential green building programs in 
the US; Austin was one of the first in the country, with it's program 
beginning in 1990.  These programs are in addition to the local building 
codes - they do not replace the building codes.  For instance, if a builder 
wants to market that he/she is a "green builder," he/she would have to use 
the local green building program's checklist and meet the green building 
threshold.  Each local program has its own method of weighting checklist 
items and qualifying homes.

The National Association of Home Builders Research Center has produced 
numerous publications regarding green building - feel free to contact me if 
you'd like more information.

Richard Dooley

Richard Dooley
Environmental Analyst

NAHB Research Center
400 Prince George's Boulevard
Upper Marlboro, MD  20774

On Thursday, November 16, 2000 3:38 PM, MarthaA@austin.rr.com 
[SMTP:MarthaA@austin.rr.com] wrote:
> Thank you to everyone who sent suggestions concerning where to find SIP
> information.  I am looking for some additional information for which I'm
> hoping you can provide leads.
> I am now looking for information concerning the incorporation of longer
> term, potentially more sustainable activities into SIPs - specifically 
> building codes.
> Any information concerning SIPs and sustainability and/or information 
> green building (whether it's associated with SIPs or not) would be much
> appreciated!
> Thanks in advance
> Martha Arosemena
> MarthaA@austin.rr.com