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RE: water efficiency

Hans Schnitzer (schnitzer@glvt.tu-graz.ac.at) recently posted to P2TECH: 

	> I am currently looking for a manual / checklist / methodology ...
	> water efficiency. We are going to start an awareness and
	> program for water use in chemical and related industry. 

A good resource, albeit not an online one, is the 1996 manual prepared for
the Center for Waste Reduction Technology (CWRT):
	How to Implement Industrial Water Reuse: A Systematic Approach (ISBN
No: 0-8169-0675-0)
	A guide to help conceptual process designers and process operators
systematically incorporate the principles of water conservation, recycling,
and reuse into new plant, retrofit, and technology development designs. The
book includes technology summaries and case studies supporting this
systematic approach to water reuse.
This is available from CWRT via their web site, http://www.aiche.org/cwrt/
(look under "Products").   My understanding is that they are in the process
of updating it, but the current version is still quite useful.  I've listed
the root URL for CWRT because they also have a number of other projects
either recently completed or underway on topics of interest to the P2TECH
community, including one on Total Cost Accounting, another couple on
sustainability, and a project on integrating Inherent Safety and P2 in
chemical process design.  CWRT is a membership organization comprised of
several of the largest chemical & pharmaceutical manufacturers in the world
(along with member companies from other manufacturing sectors and service
firms which support them), so their collaborative projects are very heavily
directed/shaped/influenced by these industrial members.  Hence the results
of the projects tend to carry a lot of credibility with industry in general
and chemical manufacturers in particular.
Hope this helps.  
Scott Butner (butner@battelle.org) 
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Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
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