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requests for assistance

Dear P2Tech,

Any suggestions on the following items would be greatly appreciated:

		1.	Experts on fugitive dust issues who would be interested in speaking at a Michigan workshop.

		2.	Environmentally safe alternatives for cleaning cyanoacrylate adhesive from small pressure pots/glue gun systems.  Rubber is being adhered to plastic and MEK is being used to clean the adhesive application equipment.

		3.	A cost-effective way to recycle a strong hydrofluoric acid in ionic complex with titanium?  Put differently, is there a technology that can cost-effectively strip titanium ion from its complexed association with fluoride ion?  

The client etches titanium metal with very strong hydrofluoric acid (pH <1.0).  A 3000 gallon waste stream containing Ti and HF [as complexed ions] is shipped off-site every week.  The client has a strong incentive to recycle the acid and has tried separating the ions by dialysis through an anionically charged semi-permeable membrane, but was unsuccessful.  The client also tried a strong ion exchange resin but the strong HF destroyed the adsorption potential of the resin.  The client also states they could go the route of adding calcium oxide and burning the resultant calcium fluoride in water - but that would not be cost effective.


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