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Fwd: P2 for distilleries?

The information that I use for distilled spirits can be found on the Internet
ov/ttn/chief/ap42/ch09/bgdocs/b9s12-3.pdf>  It has a process flow diagram
not a hierarchical process map) on page 2-4.  Unfortunately this document is
limited to air emissions but it has a great description of unit operations.
also has a list of references.  You should check with the EPA Effluent
Limitations folks to see if this is covered under Miscellaneous Food and
Beverages Point Source Category
spent a week touring facilities in Scotland in June.  No town was without its
local "spirit."  So don't get sidetracked along the way to your inventory like
I did to mine.  Happy hunting.

Bob Pojasek 

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> Hi Techsters.  I am looking for info on P2 for alcohol distilleries.  I am
> not finding much at all on the net.  Envirosense has one case study, P2Tech
> Archives has nothing, there are some tech articles here and there on
> distillery slops, but no specific P2 stuff or even good process
> descriptions.  Can anyone refer me to an online source for process
> descriptions and P2 solutions?  Promise will post any findings back.  Am
> currently doing invty of P2 for alcoholic beverage production, have found
> lots for breweries, some for wineries, almost nothing for distilled
> Thanks.
> Burt Hamner
> bhamner@cleanerproduction.com


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