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Re: P2 for distilleries?

There is some information about a study by PPC Biofilter which looked at
biofiltration for controlling ethanol emissions from a whiskey warehousing
facility at    <http://www.ppcbio.com/biopr6.html>

           Commercial Application of Air Phase Biofilters

           Scot Standefer and Ray Willingham

............A pilot study was conducted at whiskey warehousing facility to
evaluate biofiltration as means of
controlling ethanol emissions. During the course of the study, two separate
media,and engineered
media and a totally organic media, were tested. Ethanol concentrations
ranged from 200 to 700
ppm and gas residence times ranged from 17 to 30 seconds.

It was evident from the data collected that performance depended primarily
on the moisture content
of the media. The engineered media provide good performance, but at high
ethanol loadings,
biological activity tended to dry out the media, which caused performance
to decline. The "dense"
and hydrophobic nature ofthe engineered media made it difficult to maintain
a uniform moisture
content in the media and prohibited excessive application of water to the
media. Removal
effiencies fluctuated between 88 and 96% removal depending on the moisture

After six months of operation, the engineered media was replaced with a
proprietary media and
operated through the spring an summer. This media was much bulkier thant
the engineered media
and had a significantly larger void fraction. The large void fraction
provided better drainage and
allowed for more uniformity in moisture throughout the bed. The ability to
add relatively large
volumes of water to media kept the media from drying out at high organic
loadings. This resulted in
a more stable operating system with consistent VOC removal efficiencies of
greater than 95%...........

[The specific distiller is not mentioned in this article, but else where on
the PPC website Brown Forman (misspelled as Foreman) is included in a list
of companies which PPC Biofilter has worked with.]

The contact listed for more information is:
                                Scot Standefer, President - BioFilter
                                PPC Biofilter
                                3000 E. Marshall Avenue
                                Longview, Texas 75601
                                Phone: (903) 758-3395
                                Fax: (903) 758-6487
                                E-Mail: info@ppcbio.com
                                PPC Biofilter is a subsidiary of Cendant
Corp. (NYSE:CD)

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Coatings and Consumer Products Group
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