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NEPPS & PPAs & GASB Statement #34


Does anyone know of any states incorporating the Government Accounting
Standards Board (http://www.gasb.org ) financial accounting standard
Statement #34
(http://www.rutgers.edu/Accounting/raw/gasb/repmodel/index.html ) in their
Performance Partnership Agreements (PPAs) drawn up under the National
Environmental Performance Partnership System (NEPPS)
which are also incorporating the Environmental Council of States (ECOS) Core
Performance Measures (CPMs)
(http://www.sos.org/ecos/projects/cpms/cpm.htm )?

And if states are not utilizing GASP Statement #34 how are they financially
accounting for their PPAs under NEPPS and ECOS CPMs?

And are financial departures from accounting for state PPAs under NEPPS and
ECOS CPMs materially significant?

Best Wishes,
Donald Sutherland