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RE: Wood Ash

Hi Thomas,
Part of main server has been down so I have not been able to find the
information you seek. I tried a different approach and here it is:
Craven County Wood Energy is a small power generating company in New Bern,
NC. They burn wood and end up with a lot of wood ash. They used to land fill
the ash but now put it to good use. Go to our site, found under my name,
below. Open the P2Infohouse database and type in the name of the company.
You will find a great case study. If you or others need cannot access the
Acrobat file, let me know and I can mail or fax the article.

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Subject: Wood Ash

We are looking for new ideas for the use of wood ash, especially for
large volumes generated from biomass used for energy production in
industry.  Any news on changes in ASTM Standards for inclusion of wood
ash in materials used in the manufacture of cement?  A value added use
is needed in order to pay for transportation.  Thanks,

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