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RE: Wood Ash


Is the wood (being burned) virgin or contaminated?  The quality of the ash
will be important for any placement directly into the environment.

Attached you will find an article about wood ash use as a soil amendment (I
don't believe the attachment will be visible to p2tech subscribers...if
anyone would like a copy please let me know and I'll send direct).

Wood ash is usually high in potassium...a valuable material in fertilizers
or for improving the quality of soil conditioners.  (Wood ash may be
suitable as a bulking agent for compost and increase the nutrient value.) 

Boiler slag (from burning wood) has been used as a lime replacement in culm
burners...for sulfur capturability.

We often thought wood ash would make a good replacement for lime when used
for sewage sludge stabilization or potentially for industrial wastewater
treatment pH adjustment (if you can get past the regulatory hurdles).  If
the sludge will be used for agricultural utilization or land reclamation
(rather than landfilled) you may see an increased benefit.


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We are looking for new ideas for the use of wood ash, especially for
large volumes generated from biomass used for energy production in
industry.  Any news on changes in ASTM Standards for inclusion of wood
ash in materials used in the manufacture of cement?  A value added use
is needed in order to pay for transportation.  Thanks,

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