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NPPR Spring Conference Paper Deadline

Just a reminder to all you P2 experts -- NPPR is still accepting proposal
for paper presentations for NPPR's upcoming Spring Conference, scheduled to
be held in Chicago, Illinois February 28 - March 2, 2001 at the Hyatt
Regency Chicago Hotel.  

Papers are due by close of business on Friday, December 1 (i.e., it must be
in the office by the time NPPR's office opens on Monday, December 4).  If
you are interested in speaking in any of the sessions, please submit a 1-2
page summary of your paper/presentation as well as a brief bio.  Proposals
can be sent either via email to michelerusso@compuserve.com, fax at (202)
466-7964 or traditional mail at 11 Dupont Circle, Suite 201, Washington, DC
 20036.  A copy of the conference session topics as well as more complete
proposal requirements can be found on NPPR's website at www.p2.org/events,
or you can contact Michele Russo at (202) 466-7272 or via email at

Additionally, the early registration deadline for members to attend the
conference at a significantly reduced rate is also Friday.  Registration
forms MUST be received by this rate in order to get the early rate.  If you
have questions about whether you quality for this rate, please contact
Michele.  If you are planning to come regardless of speaker status, it is
important that you register by this date.  Speakers will receive
registration rate and other information when paper selections are

11 Dupont Circle, Suite 201
Washington, DC  20036
(202) 466-P2P2
fax (202) 466-7964