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P2 ideas to use in the home


We are beginning to develop a public/private partnership with several
businesses and local agencies to routinely send short e-mail notices to
employees regarding P2 techniques that people can use in their private
lives. Ideas that are relevant in the home or cars or......?  Anything that
could be used in the home or other aspects of people's private lives.  Maybe
P2 ideas that could be used while on vacation?

What I am requesting is for you to do is to think about this concept and to
give me some feed back from the following stand point: What P2 advise would
you most like to convey that people could use in their private lives?  To
help prime the discussion you may want to think of ideas that have a
seasonal context such as yard care or holiday related concepts, pest
management practices, vehicle care, transportation alternatives..... etc.

Consider this a cyberspace brain storming exercise and send me your ideas.
Anything goes - let your mind run wild.

Please e-mail your ideas to me at: gary.nolan@pln.co.scl.ca.us


Gary Nolan
Pollution Prevention Program
Santa Clara County
1735 N 1st Street, Suite 275
San Jose, CA 9512

408 441-1195 ext 4452