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Re: TRI data

In using TRI data to measure progress in pollution prevention, I would
encourage you to weight the compounds by their potency of effect and then
adjust for production, rather than use raw pounds adjusted for production.
Some TRI compounds are many orders of magnitude more detrimental than
others, and it is important to recognize this in some way when measuring
environmental progress over time.  A pollution prevention effort at a large
facility may eliminate a small volume of a very toxic compound and unless
potency is considered, it could easily look like no improvement has been
made because high volume compounds dominate the overall picture.

There are a number of potency weighting schemes available.  RSEI out of OPPT
is going to be the standard eventually, because it's so comprehensive, but I
don't believe the new and improved 1998 version has been released yet.
There are other ways to weight compounds that will give you more meaningful
results than reliance on pounds released, though.

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Subject: TRI data

Ohio EPA's Office of Pollution Prevention is evaluating how to utilize their
TRI data and tie it to Pollution Prevention.   I am aware that Indiana and
Minnesota have both looked at their TRI data and drawn some conclusions.  I
have copies of their reports off of the web.    For example, Indiana
measures pollution prevention progress for manufacturers using the TRI
program.  It compares the annual change in toxic chemicals in environmental
waste with the annual change in production.   Does anyone know of any other
states that have looked at TRI data and tried to draw conclusions on the
effectiveness of P2?  Any leads to web sites would be most appreciated.

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