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Re: TRI data

At the Pollution Prevention Alliance (Environmental Defense) we've
evaluated entire industry sectors looking at TRI and AIRS data.  Each
analysis is on the web with a methodology link that describes the procedure
for each.  While these analyses are specific for industry sectors, the
explanation given in the methodologies might offer some guidance as to what
to consider when performing your analysis.

     All three Community Guides can be accessed at:

     The facility rankings and methodologies can be directly linked at:
     vehicle assembly -
     iron and steel mfg. -
     oil refining -

I hope this helps,

dean m. menke
staff engineer
Environmental Defense
Washington, DC  20009

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Ohio EPA's Office of Pollution Prevention is evaluating how to utilize
their TRI data and tie it to Pollution Prevention.   I am aware that
Indiana and Minnesota have both looked at their TRI data and drawn some
conclusions.  I have copies of their reports off of the web.    For
example, Indiana measures pollution prevention progress for manufacturers
using the TRI program.  It compares the annual change in toxic chemicals in
environmental waste with the annual change in production.   Does anyone
know of any other states that have looked at TRI data and tried to draw
conclusions on the effectiveness of P2?  Any leads to web sites would be
most appreciated.

Helen Miller
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