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new web pages on sustainable industry sectors

Merry Christmas!  Interested in knowing what are the best practices for environmental sustainability in manufacturing in over twenty industry sectors?  See http://www.cleanerproduction.com/industries/industries.htm for new webpages describing the best Internet resources for pollution prevention, cleaner production, and sustainable development for each sector.  And new resource pages for the US Environmental Industry, and for Environmental Industry and Cleaner Production trade magazines, newsletters and academic journals.  And one of the best links collections on the internet about cleaner production and sustainable industry.   All at www.CleanerProduction.Com.  One day the rest of the world will realize that there is a huge global network of people and projects sharing incredibly useful information for successful and sustainable business, and it is all available through CleanerProduction.Com.  Beat the rush and find out for yourself.  Please forward this email to anyone who you think might be interested.  Thanks!
Burton Hamner
Seattle, WA