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RE: Waste Exchanges

I do not work directly with our program, Industrial Materials Exchange
(IMEX), but I do have contact with a large group of facilities, in which I
encourage the use of IMEX.  When it is mentioned, most of the organizations
say they have heard of the program, but have never used it.  If you would
like some more information, please contact IMEX directly at (206) 296-4899.
Their direct e-mail is imex@metrokc.gov.  Hope this helps.

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Seasons Greetings To All,

Can anyone provide information about the effectiveness of waste (or
material) exchanges?  (I'm not looking for a list of exchanges.)

By "effectiveness" (I think) I want to determine if a significant volume of
wastes/materials are beneficially reused or recycled by listing in an
exchange.  Also, have any (regulatory) problems been reported resulting from
the exchange of wastes/materials?

(I seem to remember someone commenting that only relative large consistently
generated waste streams experience much success.  Any comments?  This would
seem to make sense and possibly provide the volume of materials needed by an
exchange to make a claim of success.)

I'd really like to hear from industrial representatives that may have tried
using an exchange as well as any groups or environmental agencies that
operate or promote a waste exchange but any information is welcome.


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