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Environmentally Friendly Christmas Carols

After posting "Tis the Season for P2", I received many responses for more Environmental Christmas Parodies.  In the spirit of the holiday season, I give you "Good Garbagemen" sung to "Good King Wenceslaus", and  "We C3" sung to  "We 3 Kings".   I wrote both parodies.  Happy Holiday (any holiday).  


Good garbagemen went out to collect, during the holiday season.
They were appalled by what they found, deep and thick and even.
Trash bags filled with recyclable goods, Oh it was so wasteful
They put together a great plan to reduce this to a handful. 

Good Garbagemen went out to preach recycling to the public
They spread the word far and wide, it even reached the Arctic.
The public, they did heed the call, and sorted out the plastics.
Good Garbagemen did wondrous work,  they were enthusiastic.  

But the Good word did not there stop, it spread to Business.  
Auto makers and job shops, heard dollars saved, much riches.
Pollution prevention did catch on, gave birth to Clean Corporate Citizens
Who changed their workplaces practices to environmental friendly processes. 

Now Good Garbagemen can rest, but not upon their laurels.
There is still much work to be done, to keep up P2 morals.
The story goes they kept the faith, to reduce reusable garbage
The quality of life is now improved, now time to stop this verbiage.

WE C3 by Pam Howd   sung to "We Three Kings"

We C3 of EAD are
Bearing Fact Sheets sent near and far
Sparing green fields growth, using ol' factory parks
There are many industry stars!

Oh, oh, GM and Ford have cleaned up their blight
River Rouge sparkles in delight.
P2 is proceeding, never receding
With Enviro friendly starts.

Clean Corporate Citizens blaze a "clean" pace
Mercury free lighting in the work place!!
We worship P2, enviro management en queue!!
Our EMS plan makes the case

Oh, oh, cars of wonder, cars made right!
Cars created with C3 might!
Quick air permits, no red tape fits,
No pollution emission fights!

We C3 are doing "okay"
We audit ourselves, we're above the fray. 
Enviro trained workers, the day is saved,
We manufacture in a green way!

Oh, oh, EAD made them King,
With Green Hearts their praises Sing!
DEQ is good, no more Robin Hood!
We C3 keep clean our springs!

Pamela Howd
Storage Tank Division Rotator to the Environmental Assistance Division
Phone: 517373-3359
Environmental Assistance Center:  800-662-9278
Fax:  517-373-3675
E-mail:  howdp@state.mi.us

Environmental Assistance Homepage: http://www.deq.state.mi.us/ead/
Storage Tank Division Homepage: http://www.deq.state.mi.us/std/