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No Subject

I was forwarded this request by a non-member.  Please respond to him directly.

I am writing a thesis regarding CaF2 as the sludge that comes form etching
the inside of a glass bulb. in a neutralisation installation we neutralize 
the assid with Ca(OH)2 and the results is CaF2. The main part is drying the 
sludge. I don't find much information on this.

  I would like to ask if you have a lot of information on this regarding
  corrosion, abrasion, which components will come free ( ammoniak,
  fluorides)during drying,... in short everything that you can give me.

  The sludge contains the following :

  loss on drying (105°)      : 56.0%
  Assay fluoride 13,0% Döhr-method : 26.7% as CaF2
  Free alkall                      : 62.0% as ca(OH)2
Chloride : 0.28%

  ppm ppm
  Al 3000 Mg 5200
  Mn 120 Ba 13
  Na 1300 Cd <1
  Ni 32 Co <1
  P 46 Cr 5
  Pb 14 Cu 39
  S 4700 Fe 850
  Si 3400 K 350
  Sr 150 Zn 52
Tl 58 Zr 10

  If you have any information could you fax it to the following number
  011/32/11/55 96 75
  If youd don't have any information, could you also send an email at 

  Best regards

  Tom Vreys