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shooting/rifle ranges

Wendy Fitzner asked about cleaning up lead , or avoiding the problem of contaminated soils at rifle ranges. 
I do not have the P2 tech archive info--hope someone has that for you. Some related information I am aware of is:
1.  The website www.ohb.org/pb-text.htm has a technical bulletin about lead hazards at indoor firing ranges. 
2.  Also website www.aiha.org/abstract/6leadpos.html has a paper (paper number 366) about airborne lead and noise exposures during police firearms qualification.

3. The military is working hard on projectile core replacements and is having some success (of course they contract for their own manufacturing of bullets). I just attended a workshop this week where  Mr. John Middleton spoke about the military's "green ammunition" program. They are replacing some lead bullets with a tungsten matrix.  This work should eventually have application for police work once the technology is diffused.  For this military work there is a Joint Working Group for Non-Toxic Ammunition that includes representatives from all of the military branches including the FBI and the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center.
John Middleton can be reached at 973-724-7976 or by Fax at 973-724-7095.  John is Technical Executive for the Environmental Armament Technology under the Tank Automotive & Armaments Command (TACOM). John spoke about lead replacement progress and other work at the 11th Annual Solvent Substitution Workshop in Scottsdale Arizona December 12-14, 2000.
Bill Quinn
Pollution Prevention

>>> "Wendy Fitzner" <Fitznerw@state.mi.us> 12/15/00 12:26PM >>>
Hi P2 techers,
I give up searching the P2 tech archives, so perhaps someone out there remembers this P2 tech conversation... about a year and a half ago, there was some discussion about shooting ranges, and cleaning up lead buck shot, or avoiding the problem of contaminated soils at rifle ranges.  Does anyone recall the discussion or have information on places where this has been addressed?  Any leads (or a p2 tech archives search lesson) would be appreciated.  Thanks!


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