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RE: surfboards


If you're talking about a fiberglass operation here are a few ideas:

*	Inland Technologies, and perhaps other chemical manufacturers, offer
a variety of solvent blends designed to perform nearly as well as some
common solvents and usually with reduced environmental liability.  Of
course, the cost may be prohibitive...it usually depends a lot on the vapor
pressure of the replacement and what's being replaced.
*	For cleaning equipment...where a lot of acetone may be
used...consider cleaning in stages and using alternative solvents, or
mechanical methods, for some of the stages saving the acetone for the most
critical stage of the cleaning process.  Equipment cleaning should be in
closed containers.
*	Try the Waste Reduction Resource Center's web site at
http://wrrc.p2pays.org, then click on Industry Sectors - Fiberglass.  Look
	Full Title:  Waste Reduction Strategies for Fiberglass Fabricators
	URL:  /01/00368.pdf
	Length:  134 pages
	Date:  1995
	Full Work Author:  Hillis, David R.; Davis, A. Darryl
	Abstract:  This excellent manual approaches waste-reduction in
fiberglass operations from the perspective of the whole facility including
the effect of process-control and plant layout on emissions.  This is
written at a level of technical detail that is easily understandable and
sufficiently detailed.
*	In addition,  pollution prevention information is available at
*	If spraying fiberglass by an operator is involved in the process,
the STAR program for operator training may be indirectly helpful.


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Seasons greetings to all
Has anyone any info about waste minimization, P2 in surfboard construction?
The small company we are dealing with uses a lot of acetone, has anyone
found a cost-effective and efficient substitute?
Grateful for any leads.


Bob Pagan

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