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P2 guides for enviro consultants?

Howdy! Does anyone have any guidance documents to help "traditional" environmental consultants apply and supply P2 services to clients?  As might be expected, several int'l orgs trying to set up P2 programs are finding that most potential staff are from the enviro svcs companies, and they need help in re-educating them.  Another way of asking is, does anyone have a guide doc on how to do P2 consulting that is targeted at consultants in general?
I wrote just such a thing about 5 years ago, and someone in the P2 crowd said they liked it and asked permission to copy it.  Needless to say, I have lost my own electronic copy of the darn thing and now have no idea what I said that was so good.  And I don't have time to rewrite it again!
I have taken the obvious step of advising my colleagues not to limit their recruiting to the enviro crowd but to expand it to include productivity and quality consultants, who in fact should be the first place they look in my humble opinion.
any help would be appreciated and all due credit given to sources.  Thanks!
Burton Hamner
Seattle, WA