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Re: Sharing the Savings from P2

This makes so much sense on the face of it that we set out 3 yrs ago to find
and talk to people who have tried it.  Most projects have stalled at the
"what to measure" stage.  A successful approach to narrowing that down are
the service-for-product substitutions like the coolant companies selling
successfully machined parts rather than gallons of machine tool coolant, or
painted cars rather than paint, but that is not really the same thing.  In
fact, the academic evidence is saying that those arrangements reduce costs
quite reliably, but may not reliably reduce quantities of materials used in
some cases.

We wrote up a short summary of gainsharing for P2 that I can share with
anyone who contacts me.  We have also tried to write two of these projects
up (one is still active) and discussed it endlessly with colleagues.  The
few good ones we have found that are systemic P2, not just product/process
substitution, are 1) based on complete trust, because pinning down variables
is so difficult; and 2) expensive in terms of attorneys' fees just getting
them down on paper.

--Terry Foecke
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> Subject: Sharing the Savings from P2
> +Item in today's NY Times: Big accounting firms share in the savings
> generated by tax shelters they devise for their clients.
> + Item in todays Philadelphia Inquirer: Ex-Gov Florio (NJ) sets up a
> company designed to share  with local governments the savings it generates
> by carrying out various administrative functions more efficiently.
> .....and I'm aware of energy efficiency consultants who provide their
> services on a share-the-savings basis.  But does anyone know of similar
> arrangements for P2?
> Ed Weiler (USEPA)
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