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Fw: P2 guides for enviro consultants?

Thanks for the info, Bob, I am passing it onto the list so everyone has a
heads up that the new EPA guide is coming.  Maybe it will forestall someone
else's plan to produce yet another guide! :-)  Of course we can't complain,
the spirit of continuous improvement must guide our strategies.

Speaking of the status of certain guides, last year the EPA Office of Int'l
Activities sent out draft copies of their revised International Training
Program for Pollution Prevention.  I got copies, I don't know who else did.
They are great docs, including manuals for trainers and for trainees, plus
good appendices, train the trainer tips, and more.  I think it is the most
comprehensive single training pack on P2 available.

I have not heard a peep about whether these docs were ever officially
finalized.  Nor do they appear to be available anywhere on the Internet for
download.  I have reviewed them myself and they are excellent!  And needed
by P2 programs around the world.  So if no one from EPA objects, I will make
them available from my website, which I do believe I can do with any
government-published information of this sort but I don't want to
short-circuit their own publication efforts if they have them.

I am posting this to P2Tech because I know some of you work at EPA (hi Ed!)
and maybe can ensure that OIA clarifies what is up with these good P2
guides.  Also maybe someone else reviewed them besides me?  I hope so!


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Hi Burt,

The newly revised EPA Facility Pollution Prevention Guide will be up on the
Internet for review in DRAFT form in a few weeks.  I have your name on the
to get the URL for the document.  It will not actually be printed (with a
companion CD-ROM) until the late spring.  I think the productivity and
consultants will really love it since it is tool based.  The enviro crowd
have to learn some new tools to use this new manual effectively.  Hope this

Bob Pojasek

At 05:59 PM 3/18/01 -0800, you wrote:
> Howdy! Does anyone have any guidance documents to help "traditional"
> environmental consultants apply and supply P2 services to clients? As
> be expected, several int'l orgs trying to set up P2 programs are finding
> most potential staff are from the enviro svcs companies, and they need
> in re-educating them. Another way of asking is, does anyone have a guide
> on how to do P2 consulting that is targeted at consultants in general?
> I wrote just such a thing about 5 years ago, and someone in the P2 crowd
> they liked it and asked permission to copy it. Needless to say, I have
> my own electronic copy of the darn thing and now have no idea what I said
> that was so good. And I don't have time to rewrite it again!
> I have taken the obvious step of advising my colleagues not to limit their
> recruiting to the enviro crowd but to expand it to include productivity
> quality consultants, who in fact should be the first place they look in my
> humble opinion.
> any help would be appreciated and all due credit given to sources. Thanks!
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