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US MA-200 Survey & P2 costs


I am researching the US Census Bureau Survey of Pollution Abatement Costs
(PAC) and Expenditures
(Pollution Abatement and Control Expenditures, 197294,
and if the MA-200 survery mandated on over 20,000 companies captures
cost offsets (money in profit in return for overall efficiency) from P2

Do you know of firms who have a position on the MA-200 survey and whether it
accurately surveys environmental abatement and capital expenditures in
business operations?

And how do state P2 initiatives view the MA-200 survey and does it offer an
incentive for P2 infrastructure investments?

Thank you for your responses.

Best Wishes,
Donald Sutherland
Member of the Society of Environmental Journalists
phone: 508-497-3676