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Re: First Law of Thermodynamics, Nuclear

Simply put:

Q= E +W, where,

Q= Heat transfered to a system

W= work transfered from a system

E= internal energy increase within a system

i.e. all the BTUs, therms, ft/lb, or what have you, of energy have to add
up in some form. The added factor of a nuclear reaction is that some
portion of matter is converted into energy (alot of it) per Einsteins
equation, but it still all has to add up.

That's the simplistic explanation. Any good thermo text book will give you
a more detailed explanation, along with applications, than my distant
memory can muster.

Best Regards,

Dan Kraybill

At 11:59 PM 1/11/01 -0700, Daniel N. Webster wrote:
>Does anyone know this Law in detail as it related to Nuclear Power.
>It stated something about conservation of energy and matter except in a
>nuclear reaction.
>Or energy and matter can not be destroyed except in a nuclear reaction.
>Thanks in advance
>Dan Webster
>Former United States Nuclear Machinist Mate
>Current Student at Colorado School of Mines
>Currently Working at Walsh Environmental