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new contact information for Stephanie Davis

Title: new contact information for Stephanie Davis
For those that want to know . . .

I recently started a new full time position at a local medical center managing everything related to waste, reduction, recycling, procurement, EPP, etc.  That's basically all P2 for all waste streams.  I also manage dayshift linen and housekeeping at one of the three campuses and am the Safety Manager for Environmental Services at one campus.  

WRR will continue with far fewer projects.

Below in the email signature is where you can find me should you want to try.

Happy New Year to you all -Stephanie

Stephanie  C. Davis - BFA, MPA

Waste Reduction Remedies
1497 Hopkins Street #2D Berkeley CA  94702-1201
Telephone:      510/527-8864 Pacific Time
E-mail:           ScD18@WasteReductionRemedies.com
EVS Operations Manager/Safety Officer-Environmental Services
Alta Bates-Summit Medical Center
Summit Campus-North
Environmental Services
350 Hawthorne Avenue
Oakland CA  94609-3108 USA

  cell:  510/812-4342