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New EPA Organizational Guide to Pollution Prevention

I am taking liberty to forward this to various listservs that will be
interested in this new product.  If you are interested in commenting
officially on the draft, contact Emma Lou at address below and she will send
you the EPA official comment form.

> Dear Colleagues,
> the DRAFT version of A New Vision:  An Organizational Guide to Pollution
Prevention can now be
> accessed at the following URL:
> http://www.pojasek-associates.com/Activities/draft1.htm
> This is the third edition of the EPA Facility Pollution Prevention Guide
> with a new look and a new approach.  It is divided into 8 Chapters, each
> with its own PDF file.

> Emma Lou George
> Pollution Prevention / Sustainable Development
> Technology Transfer
> Center for Environmental Information
> United States Environmental Protection Agency
> MS G-75
> 26 West Martin Luther King Drive
> Cincinnati, OH 45268-0001
> Phone:    (513) 569-7578
> Fax: (513) 569-7585
> E-mail:   george.emmalou@epa.gov