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Re: Potential Health Effects from Nail Salon Chemicals

Some of these may also help:

ARTIFICIAL FINGERNAIL PRODUCTS (From the California Hazard Evaluation
System & Information Service)
This factsheet mentions some of the chemicals of concern in nail salons,
and discusses ways to reduce exposure.

A cursory search in the Toxline database from NLM (http://igm.nlm.nih.gov/)
turned up 11 items related to nail salons.  A closer look at these articles
could give you names of chemicals, and from there it's fairly easy to
gather more data about the chemicals from NLM, EPA, and elsewhere.   Here
is one of those citations, as a sample:
     TITLE:  Control of ethyl methacrylate exposures during the application
of artificial fingernails.
     AUTHORS: Spencer AB; Estill CF; McCammon JB; Mickelsen RL; Johnston OE
     AUTHOR AFFILIATION:    Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,
National Institute for Occupational
                                 Safety and Health, Cincinnati, OH
45226-1998, USA.
     SOURCE:    Am Ind Hyg Assoc J; VOL 58, ISS 3, 1997, P214-8

Fingernails: Looking Good While Playing Safe
This is not a "comprehensive chemical review," but it is a good fact sheet
for basic health/safety issues for nail salons.  Depending on who the
requestor is, and what they're really looking for, it may be useful.

Laura Dassler Wukovitz
(contractor, Vistronix)
Pollution Prevention Information Clearinghouse Librarian

Edward Weiler/DC/USEPA/US@EPA@great-lakes.net on 01/19/2001 01:42:07 PM

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Subject:  Potential Health Effects from Nail Salon Chemicals

Typically  on Fridays here at EPA, I get calls for which I do not have a
clue.  Today is no exception.  Is anyone aware of a systematic  look at the
chemicals that are commonly used in nail salons?   The specific application
that prompted the incoming call was "acrylic applications."  (I hope I have
that right).

Please reply either to P2 Tech, or to: Ed Weiler (weiler.edward@epa.gov).
Thank you.