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Re: Fluorescent Lamp Recyclers and Biodegradability Certificati

Hi Warren,

Below is a list of fluorescent lamp recyclers that I received from
the Association of Lighting Mercury Recyclers.  I've spoken to most
of them and although they don't provide services to Hawaii, most of
them provide services nationwide.

Hope this helps.

Marlyn Aguilar
Hawaii Dept of Health
Waste Minimization Coordinator

Advanced Environmental Recycling Company, L.L.C., Mercury Technologies
International, L.P. Allentown, PA; Hayward, CA; Pico Rivera, CA; West
Melbourne FL; Sacramento, CA http://www.aercmti.com

Bethlehem Apparatus
Bethlehem, PA; Hellertown, PA

Earth Protection Services Inc.
Phoenix, AZ; Lancaster, PA; Rancho Cucamonga, CA; Round Rock, TX; Lake
Oswego, OR 1-800-414-0443 http://www.earthpro.com

Ecolights Northwest Inc.
Seattle, WA; Portland, OR
1-206-343-1247	email: clorch@totalreclaim.com

Environmental Light Recyclers
Fort Worth, TX
1-817-924-9381	email: elrincsr@flash.net

Fluorecycle, Inc.
Ingleside, IL

Full Circle, Inc.
Bronx, NY; Sacramento, CA; Babylon, NY; Rochester Hills, MI;
Louisville, KY; New Freedom, PA; Schaumberg, IL 1-800-775-1516	email:

Greenlights Recycling Inc.
Blaine, MN; Charlston, WV; Myrtle Beach, SC
1-800-208-8340 email: greenlights@worldnet.att.com

Golden City MO, St. Louis MO, Dallas TX
1-888-537-4874  HYPERLINK http://www.htr-group.com

Lamp Recycling Company
San Juan, Puerto Rico
1-787-792-4190  email: info@recylamp.com

Mercury Technologies of Minnesota
Pine City, MN
1-800-864-3821 http://www.mercurytechnologies-mn.com

Mercury Waste Solutions Inc.
Indianapolis, IN; Albany, NY; Union Grove, WI, Roseville, MN; Atlanta,
GA http://www.mwsi.com www.mwsi.com

Northeast Lamp Recycling
Windsor, CT

Resource Technology, Inc.
Van Meter, IA
1-515-996-2265  email: resourcetech@home.com

Southeast Recycling Technologies, Inc.
Johnson City, TN; Memphis TN
1-800-592-3970 www.recyclebulbs.com
email: recycled@preferred.com

Sunflower Environmental Waste Management
Desoto, KS, St. Louis MO

Superior Special Services, Inc./Recyclights
Minneapolis, MN; Tallahassee, Tampa and Lakeland, FL; Columbus, OH;
Atlanta, GA, Port Washington, WI, Boston MA 1-612-948-0626

Date:          Fri, 19 Jan 2001 16:58:13 -0500
To:            p2tech@great-lakes.net
From:          wjw5@psu.edu (Warren J. Weaver)
Subject:       Fluorescent Lamp Recyclers and Biodegradability Certification
Reply-to:      wjw5@psu.edu (Warren J. Weaver)

Hi, Folks,

I need help in two areas. I hope several of you can assist me.

Topic #1: I want to include a list of fluorescent bulb recyclers in the
list of resources that I provide to my clients. Please provide contact
information for those you may be aware of, particularly those in New
England and the mid-Atlantic states.

Topic #2: I've had a request from a client to find a source(s) for
certifying the biodegradability of a product they are about to bring to

Your thoughts / suggestions are welcome and appreciated.



Warren J. Weaver
PO Box 5046
York, PA 17405

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